Concerning the Realtor and builder, a trusted working relationship creates valuable business opportunities for both parties: the Realtor benefits by way of more homes to sell and the builder has built-in access to potential buyers. In fact, because of the economy, builders need all the help they can get finding new buyers.

As for the potential future buyer, if your Realtor has an established relationship with a builder, you will know about ongoing and/or future building projects that others might not be privy to, which is especially important in a city like Denver that has a dearth of available housing and new construction. Additionally, builders are more likely to work with Realtors who are up to speed on new construction and can knowledgeably speak to its benefits; therefore, Realtors who have working relationships with builders will have first-hand knowledge about the builder and their products.

Furthermore, a Realtor’s job is to represent the buyer’s best interest, so going it alone and going straight to the builder is not recommended. A Realtor knows the ins and outs of the home-buying process, and helps you with negotiation, financing, home inspection, closing costs, etc. By going straight to the builder, you will typically deal with a builder rep that is not a Realtor, but rather a salesperson for the builder who represents the best interest of the builder, not you. A Realtor, on the other hand, is a licensed professional bound by law and a code of ethics of which a builder rep is not.